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As wuthered has moved over to ladyflash, Corrina and I have decided that it is simply too painful to continue posting our icons to this community which is filled with so many misty watercolored memories involving wuthered, puncture, and myself experiencing the beautiful love that only exists between maidens.

Corrina and I will be moving over to bossbattle, where we will be joined by iheartwesker, so if you would like to continue watching for Corrina's sexy icons and my make-believe icons, please watch BOSSBATTLE.

Thank you everyone who has watched genesisicons, we really appreciate it. ♥
✿ beautiful hour

20 requests

okay I lied lol

20 spots open, reserves are okay
• 2 images per person
• High Quality images only please. LQ won't get iconned, because it's frustrating. also, no cosplay pictures.
• color references for manga coloring, please.
• I don't do text

fill this out :3

requests are close, okaibyby